How to Save Electricity

"Efficiency is the key to success"

Yeah that's right folk. It is unsettling to see your electric bill at the end of the month. It will quickly sky rocket during summer due air-conditioning. Do you often wonder how to mitigate your electric bill?

Here are some steps and devices to help you conserve energy:


Use LED Bulbs

Use LED bulbs instead of florescent ones. LED bulbs are more energy efficient and they are brighter! So less wasted energy but a brighter bulb and they last longer too! Just be sure to only purchase from trusted brands and examine the Energy Star rating, the higher ones are the best. They also come in different wattage. Choose the appropriate wattage according to the size of your room. A 5 watt bulb is enough to light a small room such as a bed room, for example. Seek advice from an expert for further assistance.

Use Solar Chargers

Do you use electrical gadgets frequently? The sun is an excellent energy source and it is free so use it to your advantage. You can invest in solar chargers to charge you electronics. These chargers can be placed outside and are usually water resistant. Some models can be folded or retracted for portability.These devices are ideal for camping or times of calamity when there is no other electricity source to charge your devices as long as there is enough sun light.

Install Solar Panels on the Roof of Your House

If you have the money, there are companies that offer solar panel installations for a decent price. You can rent some and the company will take care of the installation and maintenance. A technician will visit you yearly to clean any dust, dirt or bird dropping that has accumulated. Solar panels doesn't produce any waste product and can last for approximately 20 years.

Install Wind Turbines on your Home

Again, if you have the money, you can further supplement your solar powered home with a wind turbine to help power the lights. Wind is another free energy source. This is good if you live in a windy area like near the shore.

Upgrade to Newer Devices

Newer devices have higher energy efficiency rating because the aim of companies is to create better and more energy efficient devices. If you can afford it, consider upgrading some of your vital devices such as your refrigerator to save more energy.


John Tungul

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